I grew up the tall, skinny, kid that also happened to be “well
endowed” leading to some pretty distorted self-body image perceptions.
Because I was teased for my height and shape I became extremely
uncomfortable in my own skin. I would hunch over and never felt “good
enough”.  In my early 20’s my body yo-yoed from one extreme to the
other.  I fell prey to the college weight gain and went from the
heaviest I had ever been in my life to going right back to the
smallest I had been since high school.

Even at my lowest weight I wasn’t healthy. I was sick all the time,
living off iced coffee and yogurt by day and binging on beer and
cheese fries at night.

At some point in my later 20’s I smartened up a bit. I got married,
built a house, learned to cook and was starting to feel good in my own

Then I got pregnant. I had a premature baby, gained 60 lbs, and
suffered postpartum depression and didn’t realize I was actually
depressed until I came out of it. During this time I was physically
and mentally exhausted by every single aspect of my life. I would get
home at 5:00 pm at night knowing my daughter would be asleep at 7:00
pm sharp and I would cry my eyes out because I didn’t know how I was
possibly going to have the energy to feed her, give her a bath and get
her to bed. How could I get 2 hours per day with my daughter and not
even be able to handle it? What was wrong with me?!

Turns out I had undiagnosed Hashimoto’s Disease which is an autoimmune
disease. Many of the symptoms such as body aches, exhaustion, and
trouble losing weight, were similar to those of a new mom so I had no
idea I was fighting a hidden disease.

After the birth of my second child, I decided it was time to get
educated and that is when I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative
Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach. Through this training, I
learned over 100 different dietary methods, and began to understand
the true depth of the impact food and well-being have on our overall

After my certification, I had a fire in my belly to share my knowledge
but at the same time, I was still a freaking hot mess. I was still
grasping at anything I could to feel better about myself, anything to
give me the energy I needed to get things done at night, energy to
play with my kids, and if I could lose weight, wow, that would be the
icing on the cake. That’s when a friend reached out to me and asked me
if I wanted to join a private fitness group she was hosting and drink
this superfood shake that she was raving about.   I thought about it
and figured, “why not? I’m only going to drink this shake for a month
and I have nothing to lose”. I was desperate for something to work,
something to make me feel better, so I said, “what the heck” and gave
it a try.

Fast forward to today and I’m still a hot mess, but a hot mess that no
longer throws money away on a gym membership I don’t use, that lays on
the floor crying with no energy, that has body aches and pains, that
is about to be put on cholesterol medication. Nope – I’m not longer
any of those things.

Today I am a mom that spends 30 minutes a day working out in my
basement, that follows a simple nutrition plan, that has a ton of
energy, that feels amazing, that is no longer in need of cholesterol
meds. I am a mom that feels amazing!

Those shakes – guess what? I’m still drinking them. Because they work!
I mean like they REALLY, REALLY do. That “one month” has turned into
almost 2 years. They curb my sweet tooth and give me a ton of energy.

The support I receive from those in my private community on the same
journey as me is what gets me through each day. These ladies are
amazing and understand that health and wellness is a lifestyle that
needs to be supported.

And to think I almost let this opportunity pass me by? Crazy!  I want
to be healthy and happy for my husband and my daughters. I want to
have energy and health so I’m not giving up. I’m just getting started!

Are you ready to get to your best self too?

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